Nov 10

We Are All True to Form

Hi y’all. Go follow me on Twitter (@melissa) where I post a lot more often.

Penelope emailed me earlier:

“you have @melissa on twitter? that’s really cool.”

One minute later, she emails again:

“you are good at twitter. i have never read your feed before.

but it’s good. fun. and smart.”

You heard it from the source, first.

I have linked to Penelope exactly twice (Being A Digital Native and Human Moments) in the two years that I’ve known her. She has linked to me only once before. So, now we’re even.

This is shocking, because depending on the varying levels of our individual (in)sanity, we probably talk somewhere between eight and forty-two times a day — or night, in my case, now that I live on the other side of the world.

I once had to change my cell phone plan in order to account for all of the extra minutes I was using to call her, all day, all the time. (You already know why she can’t call me. Her phone is always out of battery, misplaced, or legitimately lost.)

Penelope instant messaged me about three minutes before she wanted the post to go up. At 4:27AM in Hong Kong:

Penelope: are you awake?

me: hi

Penelope: i have a post with you in it. i’m sending it to you. you can add keywords

me: i do this [CRAZY INSANE REDACTED THING] that you do too!!

Penelope: i need to post now. so look now, please. i hope you like it.

me: yes of course i will read it right away

Penelope: i love that i’m writing about posting on my blog and you’re writing about [REDACTED].

Penelope: the two of us make me laugh

Penelope: we are absurd

Then she abruptly signed off. And that pretty much sums up our relationship.

Which, in case there is any doubt, is actually an incredible and inspiring friendship, one that I value so highly that I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

In her post, she wrote that I’m God’s gift to “whatever [I] want to rank high in SEO for.” And she wrote that because it’s true. What I want to rank highly in, whether it be for SEO or for life, the universe, and everything, changes on a daily basis. Sometimes hourly.

In increments smaller than that, I wouldn’t know, since Penelope dictates how many messages, emails, or texts I can send her, and within them, how many words, characters, and bullet points I can use.

Penelope: at first i was like, hey, i don’t do that! but it’s true. i do.

So, here I am. And here it is — short and sweet — and posted now.

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